What to pack

There are things you should consider bringing from home and others you can purchase here in Tanzania. In generell it is much easier to take things from home. Bed nets are one of the few exemptions - they can easily be found here.

Safari Packing List

T-shirts, pair of jeans, light trousers, short pants
Long sleeved lightweight shirt for protection from the sun
Sweater / jacket and pants for cold temperatures experienced at night and early morning (especially at Ngorongoro crater)
Swimsuit, light clothes and sandals for the beach/pool
Sandals for wear during safari
Lightweight hiking shoes
Remember: Bring enough clothing for the entire safari as you may not have them washed (most lodges do offer laundry service)

Personal Item Checking List
Sleeping bag & pad
Reading glasses (if you wear contacts bring glasses as it can be very dusty or bring an extra pair of contacts)
Sunscreen / Sun block
Lip sun block
Towel for shower, towel for the beach
Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo
Insect repellant

Other Items
Camera, 300 mm lens recommended. Extra camera batteries.
The main electricity supply is 220V,50Hz.
Plugs are usually the 13-amp 3-pin square (British) type.
Binoculars (each of our vehicles has 1 binocular)
Locks for baggage
Video camera
Small backpack
Personal medications
First Aid Kit

Beach Area Specials
In Zanzibar, please be advised that this area is of Muslim majority. Try to avoid clothes that show much of your bodies, or "skin-tight" clothes unless you are at the beaches.

Mountain Packing List & Tips

Participant Requirements:
Hikers attempting to reach the summit should be physically fit.
If you have a sore throat, cold or breathing problems do not go beyond 3000m.
If you have heart or lung problems do not attempt the mountain at all without consulting your doctor.
Allow plenty of time for body to acclimatize by ascending slowly.
Drink 3-4 litres of fluid each day, water is best but fruit juices are good supplement

Clothing and Gear
Cotton shorts or cycling type shorts. 
Synthetic T-shirts (x3)
Shade Hat
Warm fleece hat or balaclava
Dark Sunglasses (wraparound)
Hiking Boots
Lightweight shoes
Sleeping bag & Inner sheet
Thermarest / self inflating mattress
Water bottle / Hydration system
Purifying tablets
Powdered dring, e.g. game or Clifton
Synthetic Socks - thin & thick paris
Warm gloves 
Day Pack
Back Pack for the porters (15kg weight limit)
Thermal underwear
Waterproof pants
Jerseys / Fleece
Waterproof Jacket
Lightweight Poncho
Warm hat
Small sport towel
Spare batteries
Lip Balm
Personal Toiletries

If you have any question please write us to or call us at +255 784 605 785.

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