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There is plenty of reasons why people dream of coming to Africa, to Tanzania. Some want to climb the mountains, most come to see large animals in their natural habitat. Whatever you plan, make sure you got enough time to get to know a bit of the 'real' Tanzania.

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Life in Tanzania may seem very exotic and mysterious to you as western visitor. There's a chance of getting familiar with it. You can take guided trips with us to visit different ethnic groups, get in contact with the people and learn about their way of life. 

Active Tanzania Adventures offers special tours to villages and local sights off the beaten tracks. Take a trip up to three days to experience everyday life in a region/village. We will accompany the locals through their day, a local guide will help to understand how they make their living and what is important to them. 

Have a look on our life section to get inspired on what there is around. Once you pick your favorite places and cultures contact us by email at to design your special itinerary. Here are some suggestions for cultural tours that can be easily modified and combined with your safari itinerary:

Spend six exciting days at Lake Eyasi. Hunt with the bushmen and see how the Hadzabe live. Meet the Datoga nomades and take a look at their culture. Read the complete tour program
6 days hunting with the bushmen

Spend three days hiking in the Monduli mountains. Visit a Maasai village with a local guide and learn about their history and culture. Look at the details
3 days with the Maasai at the Monduli Mountains

Arusha has much to offer for visitors but it can be quite difficult to find your way through an African city. Get to know Arusha by day and by night:
Arusha by day & night

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