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Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest lake in the world. It's size comes to 675km long, about 50km wide and 1470m deep at its deepest point. It's alkaline fresh water is claimed to be the cleanest in the world. The water on the surface averages 25oC and is excellent for swimming and diving. It is one of the richest biologically places on earth with more than 500 fish species on its waters.

The area is a regional centre for building dhow fishing boats that sail through its rugged waters. The long-stretched lake make a natural border to the countries as Zambia, Congo, Burundi. Kigoma is the most important port on Lake Tanganyika with an airport for domestic flights and makes a good base for visits to Gombe Stream NP and Mahale mountains national park.

Down the lake shore from Kigoma, Ujiji is one of Africa's oldest market villages. This is where the famous words "Dr.Livingstone, I presume" were spoken by the explorer and journalist Henry Morton Stanley. There's the inecitable plaque at the site where this event allegedly occurded, although there is a similar plaque at a site in Burundi!

Using a boat, you get the opportunity to see the scenic hills, spectacular rivers, fishermen and many more beautiful views that this volcanic lake offers. Lake Tanganyika is very clean and clear so you can enjoy swimming, diving, fishing or sightseeing on the lake.

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