Camel safaris

Camel safaris are offered in many places around Kenya and Tanzania and add a thrill to any safari. For locals, camel safaris have been for centuries a part of their everyday life, as they crossed the deserts and wide plains by camel trains, following ancient routes through deep valleys and along winding dry river beds.

Camels are perfectly adapted in the environment of East Africa. Most of the time they are used as pack animals rather than riding and the norm on a camel safari is to walk beside your camel. But for those who want to ride there are always saddles supplied. Gifted local guides -usually a nomadic Samburu tribesman- will accompany you all through the safari and even those that are afraid in the beginning, get used to the relaxed pace of the camels and tune up with the rhythms of nature.

Travel where no vehicle can go, where you can hear only the sounds of the wild and the soft tinkling of the camel bells through the spectacular scenery in the wilderness with all the necessary equipment for camping and dining packed in the camels' saddlebags. Visit the Massaii villages, absorb their culture and their activities, enjoy a brief ride around lake Natron or just have a small relaxing walk around your lodge if it is providing you with camels.

For more information on camel riding vacations at East Afrika, you can contact us either by filling the booking form or by email at or if you prefer call us on +255 784 605 785. We will be happy to hear from you.

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