Our Vehicles, Gears & Meals

4WD vehicles with excellent view
With our comfortable 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover vehicles, we guarantee an excellent safari experience. Roads in Tanzania are very basic, so it is essential to use this type of vehicle in order to travel comfortably. All our safari vehicles are fitted with a pop-up roof, giving you the best views of the magnificent animals and landscapes of eastern Africa, while providing superb photographic opportunities.

Fine quality gears
Our camping and climbing equipment is of the best possible quality and is very well maintained. For the safari camping facilities we use heavy-duty rip-stop canvas domed tents. For the mountain expeditions we use lightweight, easy to install and extremely durable tents. The basic camping gear includes mattresses and pillows. For the semi luxury camps, our bedrolls comprise a camping mattress, duvet, linen and pillows all neatly rolled into a dust proof canvas zip bag. For more comfort we provide folding beds with thicker mattresses, folding chairs, mosquito nets and lanterns. There are hot water showers and flush toilets in most of the campsites. When we go bush camping, we use bucket showers and a camping toilet (long drop). On the mountains we carry our own portable toilets as the public toilets are not very well maintained. Travelers often prefer to bring their own sleeping bags and hiking gear but if you prefer not to carry them from  home you can rent them from our guides. For special rock climbing we can arrange for all the necessary equipment such as ropes, axes, locks etc. On walking safaris and mountain climbs, porters will carry the equipment. What you need to pack is comfortable clothes for all weather conditions and your personal hygiene items. After you confirm your itinerary with us, we will inform you of the necessary items to bring with you depending on the destinations and the activities you have chosen.

Tasty wholesome meals
Our meals are made from wholesome African ingredients that we buy from local markets and farms. We offer a healthy breakfast, a light lunch and a hot dinner. Mineral water, soft drinks and juices will be offered throughout the day, kept cool in cooler boxes. If you wish to have alcoholic drinks we will arrange for those supplies before you leave for your safari. On the camping safaris and mountain climbing, a cook will be with you to prepare tasty meals from African recipes. On the lodges and tented camps, apart from the African cuisine, there is also a variety of international dishes. On safari, we usually prefer to drive around all day long enjoying wildlife. On these days a packed lunch will be prepared for you in the morning which you will enjoy at a picnic site. At the islands & coast there are great restaurants with an excellent variety of fish food. You will be surprised at how good and tasty the food is in East Africa. Once you book your tour, we will inquire into your food preferences and if you have any special dietary requirements. If you wish to try local food during your stay in a town, village or island, our local experts will be happy to give you tips on what choices there are around.

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