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Local experts

All the guides that work with us are local experts with an intimate knowledge of their homeland. They have valuable experience of traveling, are sensitive to cultural diversity and understand nature and its laws. All of them speak English, and we also have Spanish, French, Italian and German speakers - there is hardly a question they can't answer! A back-up crew accompanies all our camping trips and will set up/break camp, prepare meals and generally look after your well-being.

Your safari guide
To see wildlife at its best it is essential to have a good guide. At "ATA" we choose our safari guides very carefully. They must be familiar with the surroundings and also be experienced in how to approach animals as close as possible without taking a risk or causing them to flee. They all have a profound knowledge of flora and fauna, providing you with as much background information as you wish. You will also be advised about how to behave in national parks in order to maximize viewing opportunities and at the same time ensuring that nature remains untouched and animals are respected. They are thoroughly trained in visitors' safety and first aid. Their ability to drive and maintain a 4WD vehicle is excellent. On walking safaris, you will always be accompanied by specialist local experts that know each place like the back of their hand. Your guide will ensure you have an interesting and pleasant visit, always respecting the privacy and autonomy you may wish to have.

Your mountain guide
Climbing a mountain is always challenging. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Mount Kenya and Mount Rwenzori takes several days but it's always rewarding. To reach the summit, you should choose your team carefully. At "Active Tanzania Adventures", since Thomas, the General Manager, has extensive first-hand experience in climbing, he has chosen our climbing team with the highest standards. The mountain guides that will accompany you are all very well trained and experienced. They all started as porters when they were very young, over the years they gained experience and became assistant guides, then obtained their diplomas as mountain guides. Most important is their personal experience on all mountain routes along with their knowledge about good acclimatization. For technical climbing, we use special guides. They are trained to deal with any kind of mishap that can possibly happen. If you suffer from blisters, mountain sickness or are just too exhausted to keep going, they will be there to assist you and make you feel comfortable. Placing responsibility first, they will be close to you to ensure that you enjoy every moment of your expedition. Together you will reach the summit.

Your cultural guide
Cultural walks, visits to tribes or villages, volunteering projects, are all a splendid way of deepening your experience of "real" African life. With our cultural guides you will come close to everyday life. They will accompany you, not only providing you with social, historical and cultural knowledge but also suggesting places to visit and things to do that locals prefer. These can vary from a restaurant with excellent African cuisine, a sporting event, a music concert, to shops with local crafts which benefit the local community and many more. Visiting a tribe is a unique experience and for these visits we work with guides that speak the tribal language themselves. For volunteering projects, we work with local communities to ensure that your effort will be of benefit both for them and for you. Before you start your project, you will receive training and at all times the project guide will be close to you to ensure that you have everything you need.

Overall, by the end of your journey you will have found that you return home with a wealth of knowledge and emotions. We are sure that this experience will enrich you and change your outlook on life. Our team's goal is not just to explore beautiful places but to ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of African life.

If you have more questions or a special request about guides, please don't hesitate to contact us either by phone on +255 784 605 785 or by email at

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