We invite you to an experiential journey to discover the nature and life of the amazing African continent. This is the road for those who are curious about the planet and wish to go beneath the surface of a place.

Explore the stunning wilderness of the vast savannas to feel the freedom of animals living in their natural environment, follow the indigenous guides through hidden paths, climb up to "the roof of Africa" to enjoy the sunrise, trek green lush forests searching for the gorilla families, hide away on the paradise islands of the Indian ocean, feel the rhythm of the spectacular African festivals, meet the residents to connect with the local views. those are only a few suggestions about what you can do in this part of the world.

At "Active Tanzania Adventures" with big respect for nature and life we have been wondering on those paths ourselves and we wish to share our experience to create an unforgettable journey for you.

Wonder around our website to get inspired for your next destination. Pick the places and the activities that talk to your heart and contact us to make this journey come true.

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